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PlayStation achieved a 57% market share in consoles in 2016


Important dominance of Sony in the field of consoles. According to a report by analysis firm IHS Markit , which the US site VentureBeat echoes , systems PlayStation achieved a 57% market share last year. This translates into 19.7 billion dollars in spending generated by players in the sector between hardware, software and other services.

If you add Microsoft and Nintendo , the amount was in 2016 to 35 billion. A figure 2.5% lower than the previous year, although lower is expected for the present. Always according to its reports, IHS Markit expects an increase in Sony thanks to a better performance of digital sales, as well as another growth in Microsoft, with good prospects against Project Scorpio , and the Japanese with its recently released Nintendo Switch .

As can be seen in the charts, PS4 was the most competitive device last year in a prominent way with 17.8 billion spending generated, Xbox One followed with 9.1 billion while 3DS / 2DS was relegated to the third place in the table with 2.6 billion . The old generation consoles, Xbox 360 and PS3, managed to stay above other platforms until that moment of header like Wii U and PS Vita.