Mass Effect Andromeda – PC / PS4 / Xbox One Review – COLONIZING A NEW GALAXY


The analysis of Mass Effect Andromeda is one of the key points that a video game magazine can face this year. Guaranteeing dark circles to prepare it is as superfluous as expected for many. What is relevant is that it involves starting a whole new series of adventures, role and action where decisions will matter for years. With him we write our future, it is said soon.

My relationship with the saga Mass Effect has been, as surely for you, to be the great brand of recent times that allowed a fascinating contact with the unknown. I still remember the incredible sensations of discovery that I experienced in 2007 when the first installment was released, and how they were changed by other familiarity: very different but equally effective.

It was a very ambitious IP in almost any imaginable sense, but also a pioneer in proposing some things that we had not seen to date. Not only did we explore a cosmos of virtual places virgin for our eyes, but we were also investigating the future of video games.

And it is that of the great things that gave us BioWare in the last generation of videoconsolas the most important was the concept of transfer of saved games: something that for playable effects allowed us to transmit our decisions throughout the saga in full provoking results of Action and reaction throughout the three games and that, from the emotional point of view, created a wonderful link with the protagonist and his team, which was not in vain was the same throughout the three adventures.

A tie that went beyond the obvious bond that takes place with a protagonist, and transcended through video games and years. Shepard grew up with us as a character, and we as players also a bit with him.