GTA 5: Does Your Success Know No Limits?


Grand Theft Auto is a saga subscribed to the success, never fails !, but the one of GTA V already begins to be worthy of legend. Rare is the month in which we do not receive any news that highlights the great achievements harvested by this video game Rockstar , which just over three years after its release on PS3 and Xbox 360, continues to make history in many different ways.

Where is the limit How far will the fantastic Grand Theft Auto V go  With an extraordinary sales pace even today, after so much time, and a huge popularity in social networks thanks to its online side, or the always great mods created by the user community itself, Something special has this sandbox that no longer only takes you to enjoy its crazy action day after day, also invites you to share it with other fans; To talk about your adventures in the spectacular city of Los Santos.

Here in 3DGames we feel the same; We do not get tired of talking about a video game that has given us countless hours of entertainment. And now that its authors prepare the arrival of the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 , which is also called to make history, we dedicate this special report to analyze some of the most outstanding milestones of GTA V.

Millionaire sales, online activity, its immovable position in the List of the most popular in countries like UK, Spain or the United States … in the end, we return to the same question as before. Where is the limit It is difficult to predict, but we invite you to debate in our forums.