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Resident Evil 7 Guide: “About This Guide”


Resident Evil Guide 7 . The fans asked for it and Capcom did it. Resident Evil returns to the roots of the series in its seventh numbered installment. This means that we find again a game of action more leisurely and methodical, dotted with puzzles and inventory management. And yes, you guessed it, that means you can get stuck more often. And for us, that means we have a duty to fulfill: Help with the RE7 Guide.

In 3DGames, we open the decrepit door of the sinister Baker family, but we do not abandon you to your luck. We are going to help you solve the puzzles you will face, and find every junk you may need. You just have to prepare your virtual reality device and your diaper box.


** Note: Our “friendship” With the Baker family is not yet over. Come back soon to know our trip in full.