ARMS, exclusive video game of Nintendo Switch – Review and Analysis


ARMS , exclusive video game of Nintendo Switch , was launched on June 16, 2017 in both physical and digital format, in the latter case through the e Shop. Developed and edited by Nintendo, it is a multiplayer combat sport fighting game, which allows you to exchange punches with extendable arms, combining elements of boxing and shooting games.

In the game we can customize our fighter by choosing from a wide range of weapons. It is played with a Joy-Con in each hand, throwing punches to the rival with both arms. The characters dodge and jump, and we can bend the punches by turning their hands at the moment of throwing them. In addition, you can fight alone against the console, against a friend on split screen using another set of controls Joy-Con, Online against rivals around the world or with two Nintendo Switch consoles through local wireless communication. It also includes battles of two against two players.

Analysis of ARMS the exclusive fighting game for Nintendo Switch

That the ARMS approach does not lead you to deceive … because you can carry a punch in the ribs. The first big game developed by Nintendo exclusively for Switch (Zelda or Mario Kart 8 also came out for Wii U, and 1-2 Switch was less ambitious) hides much more than it seems. Is it a punch game Of course. Do you have the colorful style and the kind tone of Nintendo games Of course. But its design entails a competitive game destined to become the next online phenomenon, such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros or Splatoon. Yes to these …

The best

Fun and strategic, with a multiplayer that follows the trail of games like Splatoon. Colorful and dynamic style.


Scarce content in both wrestlers, in game modes and scenarios available.