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E3 2017 – Interview on God of War and its new features for PS4


God of War PS4

There is no doubt that God of War for PS4 has been one of the stars at the PlayStation conference in E3 2017 . The new trailer has deepened a little more in the relationship of Kratos and Atreus, his son, as well as in the Norse mythology that we will find throughout the adventure. During our visit to E3 2017 , we were able to speak with Aaron Kaufman, of Santa Monica Studio, to tell us more details of the new God of War :

Give us some brushstrokes of the relationship of Kratos and his son. He seems to be preparing him to fight in the future.

Yes. At the end of God of War 3 we saw a Kratos who had gone through more than any human or god should ever witness. He has gone on a long journey since then. What we know by now is that both he and the mother of Atreus have raised him together and are now involved in a tremendously personal adventure. Thus, the relationship we will see throughout history will have a focus with which any parent could feel identified.

Kratos is trying to educate Atreus to be a god, while Atreus is trying to get his father back to being a human. Both are together on this winding road. You know that when you are a father, you want to protect your child from any danger, but at the same time you want to educate him, to make him evolve. Kratos comes from a very dark past and is afraid that Atreus will follow exactly that path. In part, this trip will serve to pursue that goal.

Why did you decide to change the setting

Cory Balrog was the one who decided to pass the saga to the Norse mythology. Corey had just worked as a creative director on God of War II and left the saga on top. When he returned, he did so with the firm intention of giving Kratos a new meaning and a new beginning. We thought it would be in Norse mythology where we could tell it better, thanks to the characters, monsters and rich imagery offered by Norse mythology.

In addition, I think it is a mythology that many people are able to recognize, above others. If Greek mythology, with Zeus and company, is the best known, the Norse would follow closely. Of course, it also has to do with how rich and magical this universe is. There was a lot of discussion within the team about that change,

Who decided to wear a beard

(Laughs) It was a collective decision. In short, the beard is very symbolic, represents the way in which Kratos has “aged” after being so long on this planet. He has gone through hell and has returned, literally. The beard is there to remind us that he is a tired man, who have been beaten, have psychologically diminished. Now he is rebuilding himself and understanding why he is on this planet.