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WipEout Omega Collection – Gameplay Analysis

Wipe-out Omega Collection – Full Speed ​​Analysis for PSI

It’s been more than five years since we last heard the roar of anti-gravitational motors from Wipe-out vehicles. Following the closure of Sony Studio Liverpool in 2012, the future of this saga always associated with PlayStation consoles (there have been deliveries in all, desktop and laptop) seemed uncertain. Hobby Consoles, 20 years ago: Wipe-out analysis And yet, during the last PlayStation Experience, it was announced that PSI would not be Sony’s first platform to stay orphaned for futuristic speed and electronic rhythms. Today, months later, we bring you the analysis of Wipe-out Omega Collection. …

The best

The soundtrack. The sensation of speed. 4K and 60fps …


… although the graphic section has been somewhat outdated. Even in the case of a remastering, more novelties are missing.

Wipe-out Omega Collection – Gameplay on PS4 at 1080p and 60fps

WipEout Omega Collection is the compilation that takes to the circuits of PS4 all the speed of the futuristic and antigravitatorias races of the saga WipEout . It’s a remastering that includes the last installments of the series, WipEout 2048 and WipEout HD (released for PS Vita and PS3 respectively), as well as the expansion of the latter, WipEout Fury .

The main novelty lies in the graphical section, which has been improved to run at 60fps and display at 4K resolution (in case you play PS4 Pro , of course), something that comes to you that not painted given the enormous speed at which The careers are developed. If you have not already done so, we recommend that you take a look at our analysis of WipEout Omega Collection, where we tell you what we thought of this remastering (spoiler: we liked).

Review of Wipe-out Omega Collection

Now, to taste your senses, we bring you a gameplay of Wipe-out Omega Collection at 1080p and 60fps, where we show you the different modes (racing, fighting, zone, detonator …), in the different games and in some of the more circuits Spectacular (like the legendary Sun track). Fasten the belts, because once the antigravity motors start to roar, there is no turning back.

If you are curious, you can also take a look at the analysis of Wipe-out 2048 to know what we said in the day about the original PS Vita title. Will this futuristic saga of PS4 be reborn? We crossed our fingers so that Wipe-out Omega Collection is only the first of many races.


DiRT 4 – For PC/PS4/Xbox One – Complete Review


DiRT 4 for PS4, PC and Xbox One launches on June 9, 2017 in Europe. Developed and edited by Code masters , it is a video game of off-road racing that includes a game change system called “Create your Circuit”. It is an innovative tool to create a rally route that allows us to produce an almost infinite number of sections at the push of a button.

You can choose the location and set the parameters of the section, so that the Create your Circuit option does the hard work by creating a unique rally section in which to compete, share with friends and then challenge them to get through their time. Create your Circuit allows the most experienced rally players to create more technical and long routes,

In DiRT 4, with classic rally cars that continue on the basis of the Colin McRae Rally series launched games , tough FIA World Rallycross Championship competitions , crazy racing truck battles and buggies , and the scandalous Fun of open events at Joyride, we can tackle the challenges from places as diverse as Australia, Spain and California in the form of a true global sport.

The game is marketed in three different editions: Day One edition, the Special Edition and the Steelbook edition. The first includes exclusively the rally vehicle the Hyundai R5 along with a special event and a Founder Icon. The second includes the contents of the Day One and the Team Booster Pack with a unique team proposal, staff and additional facilities. Finally, the third includes the contents of the Day One in a special metal box.

Analysis of DiRT 4, rally game for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Nothing like an analysis of DiRT 4, the nth game of 2017, to calm the last days in the waiting room of E3 2017. On June 9, comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC the umpteenth reincarnation of Colin McRae Rally and, Again, has made us enjoy ourselves as drivers in a quagmire, as if we were still in the glorious 90s, when the Scottish driver Carlos Sainz or Tommi Makinen not only shared the WRC titles but also the sponsorship of video games. Maybe the saga has changed last name, but what has not changed in these twenty years is the passion …

The best

The creator of stretches. The control of cars. Recreation of the rallies. The effects of light and climate. The repetitions.


Repeat some contents of the previous delivery. The force feedback when playing with the steering wheel limps. Some AI swing.


ARMS, exclusive video game of Nintendo Switch – Review and Analysis


ARMS , exclusive video game of Nintendo Switch , was launched on June 16, 2017 in both physical and digital format, in the latter case through the e Shop. Developed and edited by Nintendo, it is a multiplayer combat sport fighting game, which allows you to exchange punches with extendable arms, combining elements of boxing and shooting games.

In the game we can customize our fighter by choosing from a wide range of weapons. It is played with a Joy-Con in each hand, throwing punches to the rival with both arms. The characters dodge and jump, and we can bend the punches by turning their hands at the moment of throwing them. In addition, you can fight alone against the console, against a friend on split screen using another set of controls Joy-Con, Online against rivals around the world or with two Nintendo Switch consoles through local wireless communication. It also includes battles of two against two players.

Analysis of ARMS the exclusive fighting game for Nintendo Switch

That the ARMS approach does not lead you to deceive … because you can carry a punch in the ribs. The first big game developed by Nintendo exclusively for Switch (Zelda or Mario Kart 8 also came out for Wii U, and 1-2 Switch was less ambitious) hides much more than it seems. Is it a punch game Of course. Do you have the colorful style and the kind tone of Nintendo games Of course. But its design entails a competitive game destined to become the next online phenomenon, such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros or Splatoon. Yes to these …

The best

Fun and strategic, with a multiplayer that follows the trail of games like Splatoon. Colorful and dynamic style.


Scarce content in both wrestlers, in game modes and scenarios available.


E3 2017 – Interview on God of War and its new features for PS4


God of War PS4

There is no doubt that God of War for PS4 has been one of the stars at the PlayStation conference in E3 2017 . The new trailer has deepened a little more in the relationship of Kratos and Atreus, his son, as well as in the Norse mythology that we will find throughout the adventure. During our visit to E3 2017 , we were able to speak with Aaron Kaufman, of Santa Monica Studio, to tell us more details of the new God of War :

Give us some brushstrokes of the relationship of Kratos and his son. He seems to be preparing him to fight in the future.

Yes. At the end of God of War 3 we saw a Kratos who had gone through more than any human or god should ever witness. He has gone on a long journey since then. What we know by now is that both he and the mother of Atreus have raised him together and are now involved in a tremendously personal adventure. Thus, the relationship we will see throughout history will have a focus with which any parent could feel identified.

Kratos is trying to educate Atreus to be a god, while Atreus is trying to get his father back to being a human. Both are together on this winding road. You know that when you are a father, you want to protect your child from any danger, but at the same time you want to educate him, to make him evolve. Kratos comes from a very dark past and is afraid that Atreus will follow exactly that path. In part, this trip will serve to pursue that goal.

Why did you decide to change the setting

Cory Balrog was the one who decided to pass the saga to the Norse mythology. Corey had just worked as a creative director on God of War II and left the saga on top. When he returned, he did so with the firm intention of giving Kratos a new meaning and a new beginning. We thought it would be in Norse mythology where we could tell it better, thanks to the characters, monsters and rich imagery offered by Norse mythology.

In addition, I think it is a mythology that many people are able to recognize, above others. If Greek mythology, with Zeus and company, is the best known, the Norse would follow closely. Of course, it also has to do with how rich and magical this universe is. There was a lot of discussion within the team about that change,

Who decided to wear a beard

(Laughs) It was a collective decision. In short, the beard is very symbolic, represents the way in which Kratos has “aged” after being so long on this planet. He has gone through hell and has returned, literally. The beard is there to remind us that he is a tired man, who have been beaten, have psychologically diminished. Now he is rebuilding himself and understanding why he is on this planet.


GTA 5: Does Your Success Know No Limits?


Grand Theft Auto is a saga subscribed to the success, never fails !, but the one of GTA V already begins to be worthy of legend. Rare is the month in which we do not receive any news that highlights the great achievements harvested by this video game Rockstar , which just over three years after its release on PS3 and Xbox 360, continues to make history in many different ways.

Where is the limit How far will the fantastic Grand Theft Auto V go  With an extraordinary sales pace even today, after so much time, and a huge popularity in social networks thanks to its online side, or the always great mods created by the user community itself, Something special has this sandbox that no longer only takes you to enjoy its crazy action day after day, also invites you to share it with other fans; To talk about your adventures in the spectacular city of Los Santos.

Here in 3DGames we feel the same; We do not get tired of talking about a video game that has given us countless hours of entertainment. And now that its authors prepare the arrival of the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 , which is also called to make history, we dedicate this special report to analyze some of the most outstanding milestones of GTA V.

Millionaire sales, online activity, its immovable position in the List of the most popular in countries like UK, Spain or the United States … in the end, we return to the same question as before. Where is the limit It is difficult to predict, but we invite you to debate in our forums.



The Sims 4: Bowling Night comes to PC on March 29


A new pack of accessories for your inhabitants. Create your own bowling alley at home.

It seems that The Sims never cease to entertain themselves after facing their busy lifestyle. Proof of this is the new content that premieres Electronic Arts next March 29 : The Sims 4: Night of Bowling . It will allow The Sims to access a new bowling alley and have new accessories related to that sport.

Among the additions there is new furniture and lighting, but also objects of classic and vintage style. The publisher has taken advantage of the ad to present a new trailer in which it shows the skill of the characters taking bowling. There will be tracks of different types and styles, so that players can decorate their room according to the built track.



Mass Effect Andromeda – PC / PS4 / Xbox One Review – COLONIZING A NEW GALAXY


The analysis of Mass Effect Andromeda is one of the key points that a video game magazine can face this year. Guaranteeing dark circles to prepare it is as superfluous as expected for many. What is relevant is that it involves starting a whole new series of adventures, role and action where decisions will matter for years. With him we write our future, it is said soon.

My relationship with the saga Mass Effect has been, as surely for you, to be the great brand of recent times that allowed a fascinating contact with the unknown. I still remember the incredible sensations of discovery that I experienced in 2007 when the first installment was released, and how they were changed by other familiarity: very different but equally effective.

It was a very ambitious IP in almost any imaginable sense, but also a pioneer in proposing some things that we had not seen to date. Not only did we explore a cosmos of virtual places virgin for our eyes, but we were also investigating the future of video games.

And it is that of the great things that gave us BioWare in the last generation of videoconsolas the most important was the concept of transfer of saved games: something that for playable effects allowed us to transmit our decisions throughout the saga in full provoking results of Action and reaction throughout the three games and that, from the emotional point of view, created a wonderful link with the protagonist and his team, which was not in vain was the same throughout the three adventures.

A tie that went beyond the obvious bond that takes place with a protagonist, and transcended through video games and years. Shepard grew up with us as a character, and we as players also a bit with him.


Resident Evil 7 Guide: “About This Guide”


Resident Evil Guide 7 . The fans asked for it and Capcom did it. Resident Evil returns to the roots of the series in its seventh numbered installment. This means that we find again a game of action more leisurely and methodical, dotted with puzzles and inventory management. And yes, you guessed it, that means you can get stuck more often. And for us, that means we have a duty to fulfill: Help with the RE7 Guide.

In 3DGames, we open the decrepit door of the sinister Baker family, but we do not abandon you to your luck. We are going to help you solve the puzzles you will face, and find every junk you may need. You just have to prepare your virtual reality device and your diaper box.


** Note: Our “friendship” With the Baker family is not yet over. Come back soon to know our trip in full.


PlayStation achieved a 57% market share in consoles in 2016


Important dominance of Sony in the field of consoles. According to a report by analysis firm IHS Markit , which the US site VentureBeat echoes , systems PlayStation achieved a 57% market share last year. This translates into 19.7 billion dollars in spending generated by players in the sector between hardware, software and other services.

If you add Microsoft and Nintendo , the amount was in 2016 to 35 billion. A figure 2.5% lower than the previous year, although lower is expected for the present. Always according to its reports, IHS Markit expects an increase in Sony thanks to a better performance of digital sales, as well as another growth in Microsoft, with good prospects against Project Scorpio , and the Japanese with its recently released Nintendo Switch .

As can be seen in the charts, PS4 was the most competitive device last year in a prominent way with 17.8 billion spending generated, Xbox One followed with 9.1 billion while 3DS / 2DS was relegated to the third place in the table with 2.6 billion . The old generation consoles, Xbox 360 and PS3, managed to stay above other platforms until that moment of header like Wii U and PS Vita.


Three new Atari consoles to celebrate 40 years of VCS 2600



Throughout 2017 we will be able to attend the launch of three new Atari consoles. One of them is the mysterious Ataribox project, and the other two are retro consoles (with and without games included) based on the legendary VCS 2600, which turns 40.

In 2017 marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of the legendary Atari VCS 2600 , the video game console, with the characteristic wooden front and metal switches, where we could play legendary cartridges like Activision’s Pitfall, Pacman and Space Invaders versions, and Which many consider worst game of all time: ET .

To celebrate this anniversary, this year we will receive three new consoles, in addition to Gameband, a smartwatch for gamers . Yesterday we echoed the first teaser of the console Ataribox , a new video game machine brand, which still does not know power, specifications or catalog of games available. Although we do know that it will take advantage of the pull of retro games , since it takes advantage of the original design of the VCS.

But that is not all. Two more brands are announcing products related to the machine. Hyperkin, which has shown the smartboy to turn our Android phone into a classic Game Boy , will launch the year-end RetroN 77. It is a console to play with our old cartridges but in 1080p resolution via HDMI output. It is compatible with the classic controls – it includes the characteristic joystick with lever and a single trigger button – and also has modern USB inputs for gamepad.

Retron 77

We still do not know what price RetroN 77 will have or its final release date, but it seems the perfect companion to complete the family of cartridges that we can play with RetroN 5 and the cartridge adapter for game Sega Master System and Game Gear . But what do we do if we want to enjoy the Atari games but do not keep the cartridges

This time AtGames is the company that offers us a solution. Experts in the creation of retro consoles, in particular of Sega Megadrive, Master System, Colecovision, Intellivision and Atari, have just announced the new Atari Flashback 8 Gold . This is a machine of reduced design, as it has happened with Nintendo Classic Mini NES, that includes 120 classic games in memory.

Atari flashback gold

It will be priced at 79.95 euros, and will come with two wireless joysticks, although it also has ports for the original Atari VCS controls. In addition, it connects to the TV via HDMI and offers a resolution of 720p via HDMI port. If you want to enjoy any of these games anywhere, there is also a portable version of Atari Flashback, with 60 games in memory .

Finally, there is the possibility of playing 100 classic Atari games on our PS4 and Xbox One , thanks to the launch of Atari Flashback Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 , Badland Games, on April 7. And here we leave a story with Nintendo Classic Mini NES and other retro consoles . Here we leave a report on the 20 best games of Atari VCS 2600 .