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Warframe – Tombs of the Sentient Trailer

Recently, I picked Warframe up again after a near 2 year hiatus. I was almost immediately overwhelmed with the amount of changes that the game has faced the during my hiatus. After a few days of working through it, and reading the incredible community written wiki, I finally feel like

Electronic Arts has shut down Maxis

If you haven’t heard the news from around the web I will go ahead and tell you, Maxis, a studio since 1987 has closed its doors. The news broke when Guillaume Pierre sent out the following tweet: Well it was a fun 12 years, but it’s time to turn off

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Announced Today

When MachineGames released Wolfenstein: The New Order a lot of the long time fans just thought it to be another attempt at dragging the series on. Lucky for us though, we were completely wrong. The New Order turned out to be a fantastic return to the Wolfenstein series, and did


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